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Comenius Project

At Heaton St.Barnabas we are currently involved with ‘The Comenius Project’. This current project is titled ‘All about me!’ and aims to help us to build strong relationships with different children from all around the world. The project has already seen us host our Austrian and Swedish friends in 2013, with days out in York and Haworth, inviting them to share in some of our local traditions. Then in March this year, we were lucky enough to spend a week in Sweden, thoroughly enjoying the sights and culture. Within school we create different products that we share with our project partners, such as greetings cards, art work, phrase books, calendars, recipes and a magazine. We are looking forward to our next visit in January 2015 when we will be visiting Austria with 8 of our year 6 children. I am sure that on our return the children will share all their photos and experiences, as you can see from the return after Sweden.

Comenius Project Magazine

Heaton Gala

Sports Day 2015


Take a look at the different sports facilities we have available in Bradford, Austria and Sweden, click here

Try some of these delicious recipes from our friends in Sweden and Austria, click here to view them

You can read the phrase book here

Click here to view the Austria Presentation for Assembly

Our trip to Austria 2015 – video


We Went to Sweden Presentation


08 Spain Visit By Sabah


Hana’s visit to Evora
Sharjeel’s visit to Evora Portugal


School Website


King – Football Game
Samreena is off to Poland

Humair is off to Poland
Amman is off to Poland
Envelope – Playground Game
Interesting Maths And Logical Tasks
Poland Report


A Brief History
Paste Ortodox
Romanian traditions

Poplar’s Farm UK

Robert Swindells by Kanval
Leona Lewis by Priyanka

Year 6 by Sana
Sir Titus Salt by Arjun
Wash Your Hands by Ashna
Poplars Farm Calendar 2010
People of Bradford
Meal Times 1
Meal Times 2
Meal Times 3
Recipe 1
Recipe 2
Magazine Intro
Magazine Page 1
Magazine Page 2
Magazine Page 3
Magazine Page 4

Sport facilities leaflet

Heaton St Barnabas UK

What Is Comenius?

Improving Inter-European Understanding

Heaton St. Barnabas has been working with other schools in Europe to improve understanding and communication. Some of our pupils will be visiting other schools in other countries over the next few years – perhaps you will be one of them!

The third visit took place in September!

Four Year 6 pupils travelled to Poland to meet pupils from 6 different countries.

Their Report will be in the Poland section.


1. The Aims of the Project are:


  • to enable pupils to feel part of a wider European community
  • to give a sense of value to their studies
  • to enable pupils to learn about and value their own culture before sharing it with pupils in partner schools
  • to promote understanding and tolerance of other cultures
  • to increase factual knowledge of other countries and cultures
  • to give pupils of all academic abilities the opportunity to contribute to a multicultural project
  • to discover similarities and differences in their lives and celebrate the diversity
  • to encourage pupils to study foreign languages
  • to use them and to understand how important it is to know foreign languages
  • to provide pupils with the opportunity to express themselves in a foreign language
  • to understand and to be understood
  • to increase pupil’s involvement in music and collaboration in games



  • to enable teachers to apply new ideas and initiatives to their own teaching
  • to provide an opportunity for teachers to directly observe different styles of teaching and learning
  • to enable teachers to share their expertise
  • to give a focus to their own teaching within the curriculum
  • to expand personal knowledge of different cultures and communities



  • to continue and to extend the international dimension already celebrated in the ethos of the schools
  • to integrate and embed international studies firmly into the school’s curricula
  • to give an international focus to curriculum studies
  • to improve the teaching of foreign languages



  • to involve local groups in the project activities eg. Libraries, music services, sports organisations, community groups, etc
  • to raise awareness of collaborative international project


This year we are partnered with Austria + Swden. In March 2014 year 6 went to Sweden, this is what they got up to. . .  page 1 page 2 page 3

As part of our project year 4 came up with a display to show where in the world some of our teachers are from



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