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Linking Schools Project

The children in Year 4 have been given a very exciting opportunity to link with another school in Bradford under the Linking Schools Project. The school we are linking with is Beckfoot Nessfield Primary School in Keighley. The aim of the project is to further develop the children’s social skills, raise their achievement and aid their understanding of different cultures and communities. The children will be participating in lots of fun, hands on activities.

Our first meeting was at Bradford Industrial Museum, when the children from both schools had their first opportunity to meet each other. We were all encouraged to pair up with someone we did not know and to find out as much about them before the day was over. This was nerve wracking for many of us but we soon began to make some strong friendships with one and other and had asked lots of interesting questions before it was time to come home. The day was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed themselves! A huge thank you to our friends at Beckfoot Nessfield and to all the staff who came with us, we can’t wait for our next trip together! Well done year 4.

We have written ‘I am poems’ which we have sent to Beckfoot Nessfield School so that the children can learn all about us.

Later in the year, Year 4 children will visit Beckfoot Nessfield Primary School and we will host a visit from them.  The visits will form a major part of the PSHCE curriculum for Year 4 and will cross over into many other subjects, including English.  The project has run for many years and we are very privileged to be able to take part this year.  All activities will take part during the school day.

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