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Year 6 Buckden Residential

Read all about our Year 6 residential to Buckden House which took place in the first week back to school!

The children were so excited to get on the coach and start the adventure. “Me, Zoya and Eiliyah were singing at the top of our lungs!” said Hana. “There were lots of twists, turns, ups and downs that made me feel sick!”. 

Once at the centre we settled into dormitories and enjoyed playing in the wonderful grounds and climbing on their low ropes course – so much fun when we were not busy doing the activities!

The Big Walk 

Our instructors were very knowledgeable about the countryside and we learnt lots of interesting facts on our 7km walk! We used Buckden House’s waterproofs and walking boots and set off up one of the hills surrounding the centre. It was a challenge! “My experience of the walk was that it was fun and tiring. We took several rests and saw amazing views.” said Eshaal

Ghyll Scrambling

Ghyll scrambling was a new experience! We needed harnesses and helmets as well as our walking boots. This was the favourite activity for a lot of children (and Mrs Mason!). “My experience in the ghyll scrambling was scary because there were high rocks and Mrs Mason was encouraging me” said Zoya J. “We had to use a rope to climb up the highest rocks and we had an orange helmet. When we came back it was raining so badly”. This was an experience we are not going to forget!


There are plenty of caves in the Yorkshire Dales. Lots of our dormitories were named after them! We went caving a short distance away from the centre and had to walk a fairly long way in our hot caving suits! It was much, much colder in the caves though – and very wet- so we were glad of them then. “When I went in the cave it was amazing. We had to get through a small tight spot” said Zoya P. “We had to wear two layers of clothes – a onesie and a waterproof suit on top. We walked through the muddy water and the rock walls were sparkling. It was a glamourous experience!”

High Ropes

The high rope course was a real challenge, especially if you are afraid of heights. Everyone pushed themselves and tried their best – the teamwork was incredible!

“When we went outside, the instructor taught us how to put on harnesses and helmets, then we went onto some ropes” explained Emilija. This was the first test of our head for heights! After the first rope course we tried the leap of faith. “We had to climb up a ladder then up a telegraph pole that would wobble in the wind. After we had climbed up we had to stand and then jump off” Ana said. “It was scary and fun!” said Emilija. “Most people felt scared, but some didn’t” Ana added. 

Would you have dared?

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