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At Heaton St Barnabas’ we have increased our provision of extra-curricular activities and clubs this year. The majority of these are at lunchtimes to give all children the opportunity to attend and some are provided after school.

A member of the Senior Leadership Team is on duty on the playground at lunchtime each day. We also ensure that a sporting activity is run by an adult each day that all children are able to participate in.

In addition, there is a wide-range of lunchtime activities run indoors. Many of these have been provided in response to the children’s ideas.

This is what our children say they like about lunchtimes:

“Golden Table” – Y1

“Teachers playing games outside.” – Y2

“Playing with friends.” – Y2

“Skipping with the adults.” – Y3

“We have lots of choice.” – Y3

“Pizza day!” – Y4

“We can go to choir.” – Y4

“Prayer Space.” – Y4

“If you go to mosque at hometime then you can go to the lunchtime clubs.” – Y5

“I like that you can play any sport without being left out.” – Y6

“I like it that now on most days a teacher is doing a sports activity.” – Y6

“I like the amount of clubs going on.” – Y6

“It is calm” – Y6

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KS1 Clubs

KS2 Clubs

Sports on the Playground

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