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School Parliament

On Monday 5th February, representatives from the School Parliament met with 6 members of the governing body to share their work in school.

Peer-mediators are easily identifiable by their blue jumpers. These children support the staff and pupils in school by solving problems amongst their peers at playtime and lunchtime. They have received training in Restorative Practice alongside school staff which is renewed annually.

The Pupil Council meets regularly and gathers the views of pupils across the school. This half term they have been considering the thoughts of their classmates on playtimes, reviewing new arrangements put into place in January for lunchtime and the number of clubs on offer.

The Eco-team has run an electricity awareness project and a school-wide competition this term which was won by 2S. They also support with gardening club in the Autumn and Summer terms. We have recently been awarded the Green Tree Bronze award and are awaiting a number of trees to plant on the grounds.

The Fairtrade team is looking forward to celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight next half term and has supported Eco-team in running a healthy tuck-shop at breaktime selling delicious fruit.

Worship Team lead assemblies for the whole school once a half term. Each term they also lead worship in church for Christingle, Easter and the Year 6 Leavers. Worship Team are looking forward to being able to plan more of the assemblies themselves.

Our new School Parliament display board outside Year 3 demonstrates what each team has been up to this half term. Check it out!

Worship Team

Worship Team 21st November 2019
Worship Team 7th November 2019

School Council

School Council 21st November 2019
School Council 26th September 2019

Fairtrade Team

Fairtrade Team 21st November 2019
Fairtrade Team 14th November 2019
Fairtrade Team 7th November 2019

Eco Team

Eco Team 21st November 2019
Eco Team 7th November 2019

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