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School Parliament

Welcome to our School Parliament page! Our School Parliament is made up of Pupil Council, Worship Team, Fairtrade team, Eco team, Sports Ambassadors, and Peer Mediators. We are happy to tell you about our groups and what we do:

Pupil Council works to represent the views of children throughout the school. We often meet to discuss school improvements and to raise awareness of important causes. So far this year, we have been taste testing new lunch options, raising awareness during Anti-Bullying Week, and running competitions for Children in Need. 

In Worship Team we are responsible for leading our classes and the school in some worship assemblies. We get together to plan, consider and practise our assemblies and then we present them to the school. We often tell stories from the bible in our assemblies, but we also lead worship in other areas. This year we have been busy presenting assemblies on Martin Luther King Jr, Chinese New Year, The Good Samaritan, the Story of Zacchaeus, and Justice. We also lead the school during our Harvest, Christingle and Easter services in church. We like to write our own prayers and welcome children into worship. 

In Eco Team, we are passionate about making our school more environmentally friendly! We ensure that children understand the importance of saving energy by switching off lights when they are not needed, turning off the taps to save water, reducing our use of paper, and recycling when we can.

We raise awareness about issues like deforestation, endangered animals, plastic pollution and many more. Our hope is that we can help to make a difference and protect our planet for children to come!

Our Fairtrade team makes sure everyone knows that it’s important for farmers and food producers around the world to be paid a fair price for their crops. This year we have hosted a ‘Taste the Difference’ Week. Children across school got to taste and compare fair trade items against those that were not fair trade. We also helped classes to learn about the different fair trade items that can be bought in the shops. We also visit the Wednesday parents’ coffee morning from time to time to tell them about our work and give the adults there the chance to taste fair trade tea, coffee and cake. 

As Sports Ambassadors, it’s our job to get children (and adults) in school as active as possible! This year, we’ve organised a sponsored penalty shoot out with Bradford City Football Club Community Foundation. We help the adults in school to plan and run our annual Sports Days for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and also help run the Skip2Bfit lunchtime activities in the playground. We help Mr Collins, our PE Leader, to organise visits from sports people and athletes – we were really excited to have a paralympian visit our school last year and do sports activities with him!

The Peer Mediators are children from Years 5 and 6 who help other children to resolve any problems or fallings out. We do this by conducting Restorative Circles. We run restorative circles by asking calm and non-judgmental questions and the children involved reach their own solutions. We recently recruited new Year 5 Peer Mediators. The Year 5s have been trained and are now carrying out their roles enthusiastically. All peer mediators are on a duty rota during lunchtimes. We are very proud to have been chosen for this positive and important role!

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