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Year 3

Welcome to the year 3 class page.

About Us

Welcome to 3F’s class pages. We hope you enjoy reading about us and the things we have been doing in class.

Year 3 Information – Tribal Tales

Year 3 decided to support Christian aid week by holding a BIG BREKKIE. We spent time inviting members of the local community, decorating the hall with bunting and serving the food to all that came. We want to say a big thank you to all those people who came and donated so generously.

News and Events

Nell Bank 2018
Here are just a few of the great photos we captured of our fantastic time at Nell bank in Illkley. Thanks to all the staff and children for making it such a memorable residential. ​
Birds of Prey
On Friday the 15th September birds of prey came to Heaton St Barnabas. In the morning, Chris, the falconer, told us all about the birds he brought in. Our favourite was the peregrine falcon because it was so fast it could fly up to 240mph.  Another favourite was the hissing barn owl Twilight.
In the afternoon we saw many of the birds on show flying around the school field. The red kite was the most impressive when Chris threw food up for it to catch in its talons. We all had a great time and would look forward to another visit. ​

Last term, Year 3’s topic was ‘The Roaming Romans’. We learned about Roman soldiers and ordinary Roman people and how they changed Britain when the Roman army invaded in AD 43.

We found out that the Roman Army was a highly-trained fighting machine. When soldiers weren’t fighting, they could march up to 20 miles a day if they had to.

Roman soldiers defended themselves from attacks from above by coming close together and lifting their shields above and around them. They made a shape like a tortoise shell around them and this was called a ‘testudo’. This is Latin for ‘tortoise’.

We also found out that Romans built roads that were very straight and some of their old roads are underneath the roads that we use today. They were very clever in the way that they built the road because they built a ‘camber’ so that rain water would drain off. They also built ditches at the sides of roads so that the rain could collect there instead of in puddles.

Roman women wore a long dress called a stola, with a cloak called a palla on top. Only important Roman men who were citizens could wear a toga. Normally togas were white with a little colour at the edge but we think a toga looks good in any colour.

We has a fantastic day when we visited the British Museum’s ‘Romans – Power and People’ exhibition at Leeds City Museum.

We tried on a Roman soldier’s armour and found there were many different pieces to it, in metal and leather, and it was very heavy. It’s amazing that they could march at all with all that on them!

When we looked at the grand Roman buildings that are still standing today, we found out that the Romans liked to build with columns, rectangles and triangles of stone. So we imitated this style when we planned, designed and built models of our own Roman buildings.

Half Term Forecasts

Below are links to the current half term forecasts for year 3.

Year 3 Summer A 2018

Previous Terms

Class Rules

3F Class Rules:
1) Use kind words and kind hands
2) Walk around school – never run!
3) Take care of school equipment and property
4) Listen to the teacher
5) Be honest and tell the truth
6) Work hard and have fun!

Samples of Work


Below is a list of worksheets for Year 3 pupils to complete during school closures and just for practice.

Rectangles Maths Work
Circles Maths Work
Improving Sentences
Triangles, Squares and Hexagons Maths Work
Describing 3D Shapes
Class 3P

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