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Year 1

Welcome to the year 1 class page

About Us

What we do in year 1

Year 1 Information – Splendid Skies

Year 1 Information – Superheroes

Year 1 have been supporting Christian aid week by designing and making these wonderful animal bags. They have been selling them to help raise money. There are still a few left that we will be selling at Heaton Gala on the 23rd of June.

News and Events

We received a Well Done Letter from Heaton St Barnabas Mothers’ Union!

This half term we have been learning all about plants and growing in our magic garden topic.

We have been really busy planting seeds and recording how they are growing in our own bean diary. We have also been learning how to use wow words and joining connectives in our writing to help us write our own amazing Jack and the Beanstalk stories.

In Art we have been learning all about the famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe and trying really hard to make to look at plants and draw what we see.

Next half term our topic is called sand castles and ice cream.

We are really looking forward to going to Scarborough for the day – let’s hope the weather is nice!! (12th June 2013)

We will also be finding out about how the seaside has changed over the years.

We will be writing poems about the seaside and solving addition and subtraction seaside problems.

A very special character came to visit year 1 today.
Do you know who she is?

When she arrived we were all very excited and a little bit surprised!

We asked her lots of questions. We wanted to know why she had been so horrible to Cinderella and if she could change to be a nicer person.

When she left she promised that she would try to change and be much nicer.
I wonder if she really will!

We decided to try pretending to be different characters from the story of Cinderella.
We wanted to see if we could answer questions whilst we were pretending to be that character.
Here is some of our work.

What do you think of our answers as the characters?
Have we been truthful?

These are some photographs from our Year 1 Christmas party 2014.
As you can see Father Christmas himself came to visit and brought lots of lovely presents for us all.

The children were very pleased to receive a visit from Father Christmas and were very happy with their presents.

When he left we were sure that we could hear his reindeer and everyone rushed to the window to see if they could see his sleigh!

Half Term Forecasts

Below are links to the current half term forecasts for year 1.

Year 1 Summer A 2018


Previous Terms

Class Rules

Always listen to others-children and teachers
Always work hard and try your best
Look after the things in the classroom-respect the things you use and tidy them away
Always use your cloassroom voices
Use your thinking thumbs- remember don’t shout out!
Smile and have fun because learning is GREAT!
So that you are ready to do all of these things you need to make sure that you arrive at school on time and with all the things you need. Make sure that you always bring your pumps, PE kit, reading book, spelling book and book bag.
Don’t froget to check your child’s book bag every night for letters, homework and to practise reading and spelling!

Samples of Work

This Half term we are looking at Fruit this is one of our shop areas.

Here is some fruit we painted and then sewed around. That was the difficult part!


Here we are making some fruit faces, a bit like the ones artist Archimbaldo.


We have been reading the story of Handas Surprise This is some of the work we have done about it.


Year One Long Term Plan 2017 – 2018

Year 1 Curriculum 2014

In English we have been learning how to extend our sentences to include adjectives. This is important because adjectives tell us more about the thing that we are writing about and make our writing much more interesting.

If you read some of the children’s writing can you guess the story?

Here we are practising ideas with our partners, discussing the best adjectives to use and choosing the best one to use in our sentences.

We practise talking about what we will write a lot before we start our work in our books. We even have the chance to try out some sentences and perfect them with our partners before we start work.

Our Working Wall showing all of our ideas.

This is where we come if we need help during the lesson, it reminds us of everything that we talked about and how we can use it.

Here are some of the pieces of writing that the children produced during the lesson.
They have worked incredibly hard to include adjectives in their writing!

In year 1 we have been particularly enjoying maths this half term.

We have been finding things out for ourselves and solving problems.

We started by investigating numbers, we made numbers into towers and looked closely to see if there were any similarities between towers.

This is what we did!

First we set about building the towers and counting how many were in each tower.

Then we started to notice things!

We sorted the towers into 2 groups and gave our reasons for sorting them in that way.

Then we tried to describe the numbers, we came up with even numbers-these numbers had a flat or even top and odd numbers-these numbers had a wonkey or uneven top.

We had discovered ODD and EVEN numbers!!!!

WOW! What a morning’s work!

So we put our new skills to the test.

Then we made up some rules to help us to remember which numbers were odd and which were even.

We used our knowledge of tens and units here too!

This working wall shows how we have been using our knowledge of odd and even numbers to explain number patterns

These are some close ups so you can see our reasoning and understanding

This is the website that we found this number problem from. It is an excellent resource, why don’t you try it?

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