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SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Each fortnight as a whole school we think about a current news story and reflect on this in our own classes.

Spring term 2A 2019 weeks 3-4- Should we spend time with people older than us?

Spring term 2A 2019 weeks 5-6 – Should any animal be allowed to be kept as a pet if it is well cared for?

Spring term 2B 2019 weeks 7-8 – Whose responsibility is it to make sure trade is fair?​

Spring term 2B weeks 9-10 Comic Relief








This half term our assembly theme is Choose To Be…

What will you choose to be?










40 Acts of Kindness

During Lent we take part in the 40 Acts of Kindness challenge. There are 40 challenges and each week we try to complete some to help others and share some kindness!

Summer term 3A – Is it always better to rebuild than to start again?

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